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About us
What is CCX Media?
We got our start in 1982 as Northwest Community Television. We're a nonprofit organization operating a public access television center for use by residents and organizations in nine of the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

What is public access?
Public access is a service that provides communities with "access" to cable television channel(s) for individual expression of ideas as protected by the First Amendment.

How much does it cost to produce a show?
All classes, production equipment, and channel time are free to residents of our service area—the only things that aren't free are recordable media like SD cards and DVDs. How is this possible? We’re funded by franchise fees paid by the cable company and by a community television fee charged to cable subscribers on their monthly bills.

How many people will see my show?
There are approximately 75,000 Comcast subscribers.

Are you the cable company?
Although our public access programs are cablecast on the Comcast cable system, we are not the cable company. Their customer service number is 651.222.3333.

What's ahead for you?
Technology has changed a lot over the years, but our mission remains unchanged—to provide area residents and organizations with the tools necessary to effectively communicate their ideas with their communities. As for what's ahead, we continue to incorporate new technologies, the latest being digital and HD recording formats.

Rules and Procedures Governing the Use of Equipment, Facilities and (Access) Community Television Channels by the Public

Attachment B: Public Access—Political Candidates

CCX Media Executive Director
Mike Johnson mjohnson@ccxmedia.org

Community TV Manager
Barb Nolan Clark

Studio Managers
Javier Cedillo
Dustin Cooper
Nikki Jackett
Tamisha Touray

CCX CREATE staff email create@ccxmedia.org

Administrative Specialist
Trudy Radniecki tradniecki@ccxmedia.org

Scott Burdette
Volunteer Representative

Joanie Clausen
At Large

Marcia Glick
Robbinsdale, City Manager

Riley Grams
Osseo, City Administrator

Helen LaFave
Plymouth, Communications Manager

George Lessard
At Large

Jeff Lunde
Brooklyn Park, Mayor

Al Madsen
Maple Grove

Kirk McDonald
New Hope, City Manager

Zipporah Mesesi
At Large

Cheryl Moline
At Large

Anne Norris
Crystal, City Manager

Dr. Duane Orn
Brooklyn Center

Cheryl Weiler
Golden Valley, Communications Manager

Sue Ellen Zagrabelny
Volunteer Representative

Appointed by the Northwest Suburbs Cable Communications Commission (NWSCCC)

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6900 Winnetka Avenue North
Brooklyn Park MN 55428
Phone: 763.278.4330
Email: create@ccxmedia.org

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